Here’ll you'll find everything you need to know about your arrival for a Big Weekender.


Booking Your Arrival


We want you and your friends to have a fantastic weekend with us. To make sure we can do this safely from the moment you arrive, we’re asking you to book your arrival time in advance at You can do this from 14 days before your weekend.


  • You will be able to select your preferred time and make any changes to this time up until 8pm the day before arrival.

  • You won’t be able to check-in to your room before our published times of 3pm or 4pm (dependant on accommodation type or premier club early access) as stated on your booking confirmation.

  • If you select an arrival time after our published check-in times, your room will not be ready until the time you have selected to arrive.

  • Only the lead guest can book an arrival time, so if you have multiple guests joining you on your booking, please let them know the arrival time you have selected for your party. As a lead guest, you will need to book the earliest arrival time of your party i.e. the time the first person is arriving.

  • We recommend you party arrive together. However, if you are arriving and checking in before your lead guest arrives, please ensure you have a copy of your booking confirmation, and photo ID.

  • We will be asking all guests to bring Photo ID. Ideally this would be a passport or driving licence, however if you don't own one of these another form of identification will be acceptable if it has your name and clear photograph.

  • Photographic identification will need to be viewed at the time of issuing the wristband.

  • The photo ID accepted for check-in is not the same ID required for Challenge 25 in our bars. So, if you're lucky enough to look under 25, please bring a valid passport or driver's license.

Book your arrival here.