Splash at Bognor Regis

Whatever the weather is doing outside there is always plenty of fun to be had at Splash Waterworld. With flumes, rapids and wave pools for the more adventurous and shallower areas for the younger ones, there is surely something for everyone.

Take a look at the fantastic rides and pools Bognor Regis has on offer:

Rides & Pools Description Height/ Weight/ Age Restrictions Adrenaline Factor
Space Bowl Slide around and around in the giant bowl before plummeting into the pool below You must be 8 years+ and over 1.2m tall. Must be a confident swimmer. 3/5
Rapids Be carried around by the river rapids You must be over 1.4m tall. No non-swimmers. 3/5
Green Flume Whizz down the green flume snaking your way through the dark twists and turns You must be over 1.1m tall and 8 years or older. 3/5
Orange Flume See how fast you can slide down the orange flume You must be over 1.0m tall and 5 years or older. 2/5
White Slide Race your family down this multi- laned slide and see who can get to the bottom first All ages, under 8's to be accompanied by an adult. 2/5
Wet Play Area Cascading and tumbling water leading to a platform with small slides for tots. You must be under 8 years old. 1/5