Come and join us in the Skyline Pavilion for our SBX Champions show for incredible displays of skill and showmanship.

Packed full of innovative action, this unique and high energy show features:

Ash Randall

An awe-inspiring Freestyle Footballer who has 16 Guinness World Records for Football Freestyle.

Tom “Conman” Connors

A street basketball legend who holds 16 Basketball world records

Keelan “Total” Phillips

BMX Freestyler who has held both UK and European championships for BMX Flatland and regularly performs at events all over the world.

Do I have to pay?
This is included in the price of your break.

When's it on?
Mid Week School Holiday breaks.

Do I need to book?
There's no need to book ahead for the SBX Champions Show

Where will it be?
SBX Champions Show will be in Centre Stage.

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