EVERYONE knows that toys have the most fun when children play with them, but on those exciting days out when teddy can’t come with you, what does teddy get up to, and how do we make sure he doesn’t feel lonely? Well we are introducing a new Bear Care initiative – a dedicated day-care service for toys.

As part of the Bear Care experience the toys will be given free reign of Billy Bear’s Bedroom in The Shoreline Hotel at our Bognor Regis resort, to play all day long, with a puppet show, sandpit, and arts and crafts to keep them entertained.

Families leaving for a fun-packed day will no longer worry that their precious toys are left lonely and bored in the hotel room, as they can now simply visit the Bear Care check-in desk between 8 and 10am to register their toys for the day, ensuring that their favourite bears, dolls and stuffed animals are left in the capable hands of our friendly team.

Bear Care will also be open to those toys who were having too much fun on the fairground, beach or theatre to leave the resort and accidentally made their way to Lost Property. Our team will also take pictures of these lost toys so that their worried young owners know that their favourite toys are being looked after until they can be reunited again.

The pilot scheme at the Shoreline Hotel will be trialled during our unique ‘Just for Tots’ breaks, where everything from the accommodation and food, right through to the entertainment and activities have been designed solely with younger children in mind.

To catch a glimpse of behind the scenes at Bear Care and see what the teddies get up to, follow @Butlins on Twitter and join the conversation with #BearCare

Four-night Just for Tots Christmas Fantasy breaks are available at either our Bognor Regis or Skegness resort starting on 15 December. For more information visit our Just For Tots Christmas Fantasy page.

Just For Tots Christmas Fantasy

“At Butlins their true intent is all for your delight; and the Butlins ‘Just For Tots’ break delivered just that: pure delight!” – Trish Holst, Mumsnet, June 2014

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