Make your own lip balm

The L'Oréal Young Scientist Centre & Royal Institution workshop will be giving you a chance to experience one of our basic chemistry workshops – ‘Make your own Lip Balm’.

The 5 stage process allows you to choose the base of your balm and to perform a foundational level chemistry practical (measuring, mixing & melting ingredients) and has an element of fun experimentation as you choose your lip balm consistency, colour, and fragrance.

No one lip balm is ever the same!

How to make a pinhole camera

During this workshop you will be taught how to make a pinhole camera, then we show you how to load the film so you can take pictures with it and finally how to develop this film into photos.

Do I have to pay?
No. It's all part of the price.

When's it on?
This is exclusive to our Astonishing Family Science Break.

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