Antipasti (Starters)

Rustic mixed olives - £2.95

Breads & Oils - £2.95 
Rosemary infused focaccia,
garlic bread and homemade
bread sticks served with
olive oil & balsamic vinegar

Soup of the day - £3.25
Ask our team member for details
on the zuppa del giorno

Tear & share - £3.25
garlic bread

Always tastes better when
you share

Topped with cheese - £3.95
& red onion chutney

Caprese salad - £3.45
Sliced fresh tomatoes topped with
torn mozzarella, drizzled with
balsamic glaze and olive oil,
garnished with basil leaves

Calamari - £3.95
Strips of squid lightly dusted, fried and
served with a creamy Caesar mayonnaise

Hot & spicy chicken - £3.95
Strips of chicken breast cooked in
hot and spicy crumbs, served with
a creamy Caesar mayonnaise

Crispy filo prawns - £3.95
Crispy filo prawns served with
a sweet chilli dipping sauce

Garlic button mushrooms - £3.95
Button mushrooms cooked in
a garlic and parsley butter,
served on toasted focaccia bread

Deli meat board - £6.25
A classic Italian start to a meal.
Prosciutto ham & salami,
torn mozzarella with sun blushed
tomatoes. All served with rosemary
infused focaccia and mixed olives

Sharing plank - £6.95
Calamari, chicken strips,
crispy filo prawns, pizza
bread, bread sticks, Caesar
mayonnaise and chilli sauce.
Something for everyone


Caesar salad - £6.95
Cos lettuce leaves tossed in a
creamy Caesar mayonnaise,
topped with focaccia croutons
and shavings of grana padano cheese

with chicken - £8.45

Caprese salad - £7.45
Mozzarella, cucumber, tomaotes,
sunblushed tomatoes and focaccia
croutons tossed through mixed salad
leaves and drizzled with olive oil and
balsamic glaze


Square Italian potatoes - £2.25

Square Italian potatoes - £2.95
topped with cheese 

Rocket & parmesan - £2.95

Tomato, cucumber - £2.95 
& onion salad

Pizzas 12"

Margherita (v) - £8.95
Mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil

Ludo's breakfast - £12.95 
Mozzarella, tomato, bacon, egg and sausage.
Great for any time of the day

Americana - £13.45
Mozzarella, tomato and pepperoni

Al pollo - £13.45
Mozzarella, tomato, sliced chicken and bacon,
drizzled with bbq sauce

Everything but the pan - £13.95
Mozzarella, tomato, meatballs, sausage, bacon
and salsiccia piccante

In bianco - £12.95
Mozzarella, béchamel sauce, ham, bacon, mushrooms
and diced onion

Grigliata (v) - £11.95
Pesto, grilled vegetables, crumbled goats cheese
and pine nuts

Traditional ham & pineapple - £9.95
Mozzarella, tomato, Italian cooked ham and pineapple

Patate con pollo - £13.95
Mozzarella, tomato, sliced chicken, diced potatoes
topped with sour cream, chilli sauce and fresh rosemary

Veg calzone - £12.95 
Folded Italian pizza, filled with
roast veg and pesto

Meat calzone - £12.95 
Folded Italian pizza, filled with
mozzarella, tomato, meatballs,
sausage, bacon and salsiccia piccante
roast veg and pesto

Chicken calzone - £12.95 
Folded Italian pizza, filled
with béchamel sauce, chicken,
mushroom and diced onion
roast veg and pesto

Pavarotti your pizza

Extra toppings - £1.00
Choose from
extra ham, potato,
pineapple, chicken,
meatballs, salami,
egg, bacon, sausage
or pepperoni

Signature Dishes

Penne pomodoro - £8.95 
Classic penne simply mixed with
red & yellow sunblushed tomatoes
finished with a tomato sauce

Spaghetti carbonara - £8.95 
Spaghetti in a cheese and bacon
sauce, with lashings of grana
padano cheese

Meatballs & spaghetti - £8.95
Spaghetti cooked in a rich
tomato sauce with authentic
Italian meatballs

Chicken & chorizo tagliatelle - £8.95 
Tagliatelle pasta tossed with
chicken and chorizo sausage in a
creamy sauce with fresh basil,
topped with grana padano cheese

Homemade lasagne - £8.95 
Just like Mama used to make!
Layers of pasta, bolognese,
mushrooms, béchamel sauce and
grana padano cheese

Mushroom & spinach rissotto - £8.25
A light risotto with mushrooms
and spinach, topped with
grana padano cheese

Secondi (mains)

Chicken Milanase - £9.25
Buttered chicken breast,
coated in breadcrumbs,
served with square Italian potatoes 
and mixed leaves

Topped Italian burger - £9.25  
Prime 6oz beefburger stacked
in a ciabatta roll with mozzarella
cheese, prosciutto ham, red onion
chutney, lettuce, tomato and
mayonnaise. All served with
square Italian potatoes

Oven roast lamb steak - £12.25
Leg of lamb steak served on
a bed of crisp fine beans in a
light tomato sauce. Comes with
square Italian potatoes

Oven roast salmon fillet - £12.25  
Salmon fillet served on a bed
of crisp fine beans, drizzled with
a lemon infused oil, together
with square Italian potatoes


Traditional Gelati ice cream

3 Scoops - £3.25 

4 Scoops - £3.95

Panacotta - £3.25

Waffle topped with forest fruits - £3.45

Lemon drizzle cake - £3.45

Tiramisu - £3.95

Chocolate brownie - £3.95

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