Our Beliefs

A lot of things have changed since Sir Billy Butlin opened our first resort in Skegness, Lincolnshire, in 1936 (he wouldn’t even recognise the resorts these days!), but the reason that we’re here remains the same.
During the 1930s and the post-war years, Billy could see that Britain had become a stressful place and that families were weighed down with the burden of rebuilding a country. Life had become routine and mundane, words that Billy didn’t like very much at all. He knew that families needed a place where they could get away from it all and just spend some time together – having a laugh and rediscovering those little things that make their family special. He imagined a place of sparkling fun and relaxation that would delight families. That place was our first Butlins resort. Today we know that families work harder and for longer hours than ever. The time we put aside for each other often gets lost in the daily grind – it’s easily done. Butlins offers the perfect place for families to unwind, have a great time together and leave chock full of happy memories. Yes, a lot has changed over the years, but our purpose remains the same.

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Mission Statement

We're on a Mission

From the warmest welcome to the see you again soon, our mission is to give our guests a great time, with memories that last a lifetime.

Whether holidaymakers or holiday home owners, we dedicate every day and night to our guests' delight.

We are Bourne Leisure, where guests feel great, where our teams can thrive and where service is our passion.

How are we doing it?
  • We delight our guests by understanding and consistently exceeding their expectations. We innovate and invest to improve our facilities, our environments and our service.

  • We nurture a high performance culture where everyone's contribution is recognised, where talent thrives and rewarding careers are built.
  • We strive to be better, dedicated to continuously improving the consistency and efficiency of the service we deliver.
  • We act with integrity and care, creating a safe and secure environment for our guests and our team, and acting as good neighbours in our communities.
  • We are all Bourne together - in the work we do and the knowledge we share. We are many people and one great team.
Who will benefit?
  • Our holidaymakers and holiday home owners - who will trust us, value us and return to use - because they love memorable experience we help to create.

  • Our team - who find it inspiring and fulfilling to work here - and are proud to say so.
  • Our communities - where we are welcomed and valued.
  • Our shareholders - who see us as the sector's best place to invest for secure, sustainable, year-on-year growth.

Butlin's has three beachside resorts, Bognor Regis (West Sussex), Minehead (Somerset) and Skegness (Lincolnshire) and welcomes around 1.5m guests per year. Butlins won the Tourism and Leisure Training Team Award as well as the Overall Winner Award in the Training Team categories at the Customer Service Training Awards 2011. It was named as the Best UK/Domestic Tour Operator 2010 in the British Travel Awards as well as 2010 UK Customer Experience Award in Travel, Leisure and Tourism. It is part of Bourne Leisure Ltd which also owns Warner Leisure Hotels and Haven Holidays.