I was inspired to become a Redcoat

because I loved their shows so much when I was a child. I loved the fact that the Redcoats would sit down and have a drink with you and your family after the show. You were with the star of the show - it was brilliant!

My favourite thing of all

is performing and doing live shows. Panto, too. I like playing Buttons the most.

My parents still work at Butlins

They have a stand at the Bognor Regis Skyline and sell things like transfer tattoos. My dad is always at the front of the queue for my shows. Make sure you say hello to them next time you're there!

I think Butlins is a real British institution

and it annoys me when people who haven't been for ages dismiss it. Then they go and it blows their socks off. The new hotels are lovely - I've stayed at the Wave and the Ocean. I love the spa at Skegness as well.

I get asked to name my favourite resort

but that's difficult to answer as I have friends at all of them. All I'll say is that Minehead is special to me, because I was a Redcoat there. The best venue is the Centre Stage at Bognor, and Skegness has the best audiences of all: they go nuts!

My favourite food at Butlins

is at the Yacht Club, and I'm addicted to the hotdogs at Centre Stage. They are lethal! I hope they don't have them this year - I've put on about a stone in the past.

There's a story about me

having tea with the Queen, and yes - it's true. I got an invite to Buckingham Palace, and was sent a little book with all these stars in - Rowan Atkinson, Cilia Black, Sir Bob Geldof. I thought it was a wind-up, but then I found out it was because I did the Royal Variety Performance. The Queen told me I was a 'very amusing young man'.

My favourite magic assistant

is Holly Willoughby. We got our big break together on Ministry of Mayhem, and we used to get up to some pranks.

I do a show on Heart Radio

on Sunday mornings, and I'm so terrified of sleeping through my alarm that I set it to go off about four times.

The most exciting person to interview

is Ricky Gervais - I'm a big fan. If I could interview anyone, though, it would be Billy Butlin. I'd love to learn his tricks of the trade. I'd also like to interview the Queen, but that's never going to happen!

I'm really excited about putting on the new show at Butlins this summer.

It's a family variety spectacular with magic and music and lots of audience participation - we think it's got something for everyone. I can't wait!