Circus Skills workshop

Sue Brinklow from our web team, whose children Sam and Lizzy are aged 6 and 4, tried out some circus skills in their garden at home and learnt a few new tricks! Click the links below to download and print off our hints and tips for plate spinning, juggling and spinning a Diablo and in no time at all your children will be able to perform their very own circus show for you.

What do you need?

You can find basic circus skills sets from various toy shops and there are lots of great value sets available to buy on EBay! For our circus skills sets you’ll need a plate and spinning stick, a diabolo and sticks set and a couple of soft bean bag juggling balls.

Download our ‘how to’ worksheets

  • How to spin a plate like a pro
  • The art of juggling!
  • Spinning a Diablo and making it look easy