Drew has worked at Butlins since 1986, when he joined as a Redcoat at Butlins Minehead

Star letter - Little chef

I’m only little, but I love cooking with my mummy. Is it really true that Katy from CBeebies’ i can cook is doing a show at Butlins this year? And can you just buy tickets on the day? Mummy said to check with you because you’re the person who knows everything. 

Ruby Ann-Marie Gower

Drew says: You’re right – Katy is appearing at all our resorts from 11 September: Tuesdays in Bognor Regis, Wednesdays in Minehead and Thursdays in Skegness, until 18 October (she’ll be back next year, too). Just pick up a free ticket on the morning of the shows.

Seeing red

Please can you tell me how many Redcoats there have been since Butlins first began?

Emma Foster

Drew says: Wow – what a fantastic question! I’ve done my sums and worked out that since the very first resort opened in 1936, we’ve hired more than 25,000 Redcoats. That’s a lot of red jackets to dry-clean!

Just the job!

Ever since I first visited your Skegness resort, my dream has been to work at Butlins. I’m 16 and am just coming to the end of my first year of a Level 3 Travel and Tourism Diploma. Do you have any tips on how to get a job at Butlins after I finish my course next year?

Shauna Cathcart

Drew says: Your letter reminded me of the similar dreams I had when I was your age, Shauna. We’re always looking for ‘people who love people’ to join our big-hearted team, so experience of shop or restaurant work will stand you in good stead. My best advice would be to regularly keep an eye on our job vacancies at bournejobs.co.uk. 

Step back in time

Is it true that there’s an original Butlins chalet at Skegness? If so, could you tell me how old it is and whether it’s a listed building.

Natalie Jones

Drew says: Yes, we do indeed have the only original Butlins chalet at Skegness. It’s 76 years old and a listed building. It moved from its original location in the 70s and is now up by the seafront at the back of Starfish Quay. If given prior notice, we’re happy to show guests inside.