Actress and TV presenter Angela Griffin was among the guests at the grand opening of our new Wave Hotel and Apartments at Bognor Regis resort, along with her very excited family

Angela Griffin is best known for starring in hit TV shows such as Mount Pleasant, Waterloo Road, Cutting It and Coronation Street – as well as plenty of high-profile presenting jobs. But away from the cameras, she’s a devoted mum to Tallulah, eight, and Missie, five – and back in July, the excited family jumped at the chance to check out our brand new Wave Hotel and Apartments. The star gives us her verdict on their break – and tells us about life as a busy showbiz mum.

So, Angela, what were your first impressions of our Wave Hotel?

My jaw just dropped! For instance, I couldn’t believe how amazing the games room is. There’s Wii, Nintendo DS and a brilliant Batak game: it’s a big see-through screen with lights that flash on and off. Your opponent stands on the other side of the screen and you have to hit the lights as quickly as possible. We loved that! It’s good to have so many great indoor activities – especially when you’ve got the UK weather to contend with!

And what did your kids like best?

They loved everything, but when they saw they had bunk beds with their own TV and headphone slots so they could watch whatever they wanted, they were so excited! I was scared they’d just spend all day in bed watching TV – but there’s so much to do here, they soon wanted to explore. Being at Butlins is definitely not about staying in your room!

Would you recommend our Wave Hotel to other families?

Of course! There’s lots for kids to do – but it’s great for grown-ups, too. I love all the little touches, such as the Kindle library. It’s so nice to be able to sit down and read a book. When everyone’s rushing about at home, you rarely get the chance to relax like that.

So what’s a typical Griffin family holiday like?

Last-minute! Because of my job, we can never plan in advance. I have to travel around a lot for work, so I like my holidays to be simple. We tend to stay in the UK as there are so many fantastic places to visit and beautiful beaches. And here in Bognor Regis, there are more days of sunshine than anywhere else in the UK. It’s important for my husband Jason and I to have quality time together, too – so it’s not all about the girls! We like to have a proper conversation over a glass of wine.

Any tips for working mums juggling a career and family life?

It’s hard – so you need as much help as possible from partners, relatives and friends. Guilt is pointless. I had a working mum and I remember her being around all the time. I always felt loved and cared for.

Describe your favourite family moments...

Quality family time is when we can all focus on each other without distraction, whether that be at home or on holiday. Turning off our phones is essential for this! We love having days out in London, at the seaside or visiting our parents.

You’ve done quite a bit of presenting recently. How does that compare to acting?

Acting will always be my passion, but I hope I can continue to do both. I loved doing the red carpet interviews at the Golden Globes for Sky 1 in 2010. I managed not to get starstruck. The celebrities come so thick and fast that you end up forgetting how famous they are – apart from George Clooney, of course!

You’ve appeared on a few cookery shows – and your friend Lisa Faulkner has won Celebrity MasterChef. Is there any culinary rivalry between you?

No. Lisa is a far, far better cook than me. Food features strongly in our friendship, though – it always has done. We love having each other over to dinner and trying out new restaurants.

What do the girls say when they see you on TV?

Missie still doesn’t understand – but Tallulah absolutely loves it!

Finally, Angela, what’s your favourite thing about Butlins?

For me, it’s the nostalgia. We used to go to Butlins at Skegness every summer until I was 15 – and I absolutely loved it. It’s great to be able to see my daughters enjoying the same things I did as a child. I’m pleased I can help create similar happy memories for them.