Skegness guide map

Here’s a map of the resort to give you an idea of where to find everything.
The Skyline Pavilion is at the heart of the resort and inside it’s non-stop showtime

Entertainment and Activities


Services & Amenities

  • 33. Little Stars Studio
    • C33Little Stars Studio
    • Little Stars Studio
    • Let the little ones spark with imagination and creativity with our Arts and Crafts sessions. Our sessions are great fun and with all sorts of materials on hand, your children can stick and splodge to their heart’s content.
  • 34. Beach Entrance
    • C34Beach Entrance
    • Beach Entrance
    • All of our resorts are by the seaside, here is the entrance from the resort to the beach.
  • 35. Royal Arthur Suite
  • 36. Lost Property
    • C36Lost Property
    • Lost Property
    • Lost anything while staying with us? No problem, head to Lost and Found. The chances are somebody would have handed it in. Tel: 01754 614484
  • 37. Resort Safety
    • C37Resort Safety
    • Resort Safety
    • Key card not working? In need of medical attention? The Resort Safety team are here to help you stay well, 24 hours a day. Tel: 01754 769653
  • 38. Laundrette
    • C38Laundrette
    • Laundrette
    • We understand that running a family can be a messy business. So that’s why we have full launderette facilities on resort should you need them.

Restaurants & Bars

Car Parks

Caravan Village