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With our Family Dining Plans you’ll have the peace of mind that breakfast and dinner is sorted. We’ve gone unlimited on a fantastic choice of dishes to suit any taste, in our buffet-style Dining Plan restaurants. And with kids half price and under 2s free, it’s glorious value too.

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Delicious Food with Butlins Hotel Dining Plan

Butlins Hotel Dining Plan

Let our Head Chef Kerry and his team spoil you at breakfast and dinner in our buffet-style Shoreline and Ocean hotel restaurants, exclusive to hotel guests at Butlins Bognor Regis. Dine every day and also take advantage of the option to exchange your hotel evening meals for vouchers to use in a selection of other family restaurants on resort too.

Fresh food cooked for you with Butlins Premium Dining Plan

Butlins Premium Dining Plan

Dine out in a choice of two buffet-style family restaurants for breakfast and four-course dinner each day. Enjoy meats flame grilled in front of you, customise your own pasta, daily Annabel Karmel dishes, fresh pancakes, omelettes, starters, desserts, cheese boards and an unlimited ice-cream factory. Bottomless juices and hot drinks available at all times too

Traditional Roast Dinners - Butlins Food Court Dining

Butlins Food Court Dining Plan

Dine in one buffet-style restaurant during your stay. Enjoy a traditional selection at breakfast and three-courses for your evening meal. Bottomless juices and hot drinks available at all times too. Perfect for families on the go.

Our dining plans include:

Includes breakfast and dinner
We also offer free baby food, plus microwave and bottle warming facilities

Dining Experience Food Court Premium Dining Hotel Dining
Self-service buffet restaurants
Included Included Included
Flexible Dining - evening meal at the buffet restaurant in your hotel or a choice of any table-service restaurant on resort Included
Complementary Character Breakfast (Takes place at the Shoreline Hotel) Included
Flexible Dining - your evening meal at a choice of two buffet restaurants - The Yacht Club or The Deck Included
Dine in the same restaurant for the duration of your stay - Coral Beach, Ocean Drive or Coast Included
Breakfast Options
Full English breakfast plus porridge, cereals and toast Included Included Included
Continental breakfast with a selection of fresh fruit, cold meat and cheese Included Included
Omelettes and pancakes made to order Included Included
Unlimited tea, coffee, squash and juice Included Included Included
Dinner Time
Chef's Great British dish of the day - The Yacht Club Restaurant Included Included
Daily roast meal from the carvery every evening - The Yacht Club Restaurant Included Included
A variety of dishes from around the world - The Deck Restaurant Included Included
Made to order burgers, chicken and succulent meat dishes from the Chargrill - The Deck Restaurant Included Included
Great pasta and tasty sauces finished by one of our chefs at the pasta bar - The Deck Restaurant Included Included
Annabel Karmel children’s option every evening Included Included Included
Choices of soups, salads, main meals and desserts Included Included Included
Premium dessert selection and regional cheese board Included Included
Unlimited tea, coffee, squash and juice Included Included