Butlins 2013 brochure

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Redcoat Show

What's on during your break

Midweek (21- 25 April 2014)

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Weekend (18 - 21 April 2014)

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Easter Breaks 

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Map of Skegness Resort

Interactive resort map

Here’s an interactive map of our Skegness resort to give you an idea of where you’ll find everything.

Teddy Bear

What (not) to pack

We want to make it easy for you to travel as light as possible so take a look at everything that’s available when you get here.

Map showing the address of Skegness Resort

How to get here

Butlins Skegness
PE25 1NJ

Ludo greeting guests at check-in

Checking in

All the important information you need for checking in when you arrive.

Cartoon Children


Keep the kids entertained (and you, sane!) with our games and puzzles