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“A holiday's not a holiday without a trip to the seaside”

“A holiday's not a holiday without a trip to the seaside”

Ah! The feeling you get when you breathe in the fresh, invigorating scent of the seaside air! All your strains and stresses suddenly evaporate into the ozone. It’s no accident that our resorts are situated beside three of Britain’s most beautiful beaches. Get your cozzie on and race you to the sea!

“A holiday's your opportunity to try something new"

"A holiday's your oppotunity to try something new"

Billy Butlin had a simple, but heartfelt aim: to offer his visitors the greatest possible holiday experience for the best possible price. That’s still our guiding principle today. Every single person who comes to Butlins can take their pick from a whole wonderful world of enjoyment and fun. From our Splash Waterworlds to our traditional funfair rides and fabulous live entertainment. It’s all there for the taking.

“Rain never stops play”

“Rain never stops play”

Fun has always been guaranteed at Butlins, come rain or shine. These days, our huge Skyline Pavilions enclose a veritable indoor universe of excitement and experiences, with games, shows, sports, places to eat, and space to relax. And you can always get happily soaked indoors at Splash Waterworld, an undercover heaven of pools slides and fun.

“I've always been a showman at heart”

“I've always been a showman at heart”

Billy Butlin was always an entertainer. He loved hearing the sounds of a delighted audience during a great show. His spirit of showmanship endures today and not just in the fabulous West End style shows you can catch in the evening, at no extra cost. It shows in all the little details designed to make you smile, like our over-sized deckchairs or the way we decorate children’s bedrooms. It’s all for your delight.

“If your mood is rest and quietude...”

“If your mood is rest and quietude...”

Holiday is a time to take things at your own pace. Join in when you want to. Take time out to rest a moment when that feels right. At Butlins, we’ve created tranquil spaces for you to do just that. Stretch out in the spa. Drift off in the Jacuzzi. Bury your nose in a good book. And what makes it even more relaxing is knowing that the children are happily occupied, while you look after yourself.

Billy Butlin opened his first resort in 1936. Right from the start, his aim was to bring a little colour and happiness into the lives of hardworking families. Billy’s principles for the perfect holiday were as straightforward and down-to-earth as the man himself. And to this day, while a lot has changed, we still believe in his mission to delight.

“Someone to look after you always”

“Someone to look after you always”

The original holiday hosts, our famous Redcoats have always welcomed visitors with a friendly smile, easing them into the holiday mood by always being ready with a helping hand and a cheery word. You’ll soon notice that everyone on the Butlins team shares the same sunny disposition. Even so, we take our responsibilities very seriously, working tirelessly to make you feel all cared for and sparkly.

“A holiday home, all of your own”

“A holiday home, all of your own”

Standards. An old-fashioned word for some people. But for us, standards will never go out of fashion. We think that when you’re on holiday, you should be able to take certain things for granted. The comfort, quality and impeccable cleanliness of your accommodation, for example.  You deserve the very best. Our job, our desire, is to make sure you get it.

“Something for everyone all part of the price”

“Something for everyone all part of the price”

Holidays are grand days, full of novelty and excitement. That’s why our memories of them are so extraordinarily vivid. Every new experience, every fresh challenge helps make us who we are. Even simple little things like trying something new to eat. There are new experiences galore here... activities to take part in, opportunities to grab with both hands.

“Eat together, and eat well”

“Food to satisfy every palate”

Whenever Billy stayed at one of his holiday camps, he always made a point of eating with the campers so he could get to know them better. Today, he’d be in his element, as there’s an utterly brilliant choice of relaxing, family-friendly restaurants at every resort. We can promise something to delight every palate.

Oh, what delightful times we’ve had!

1920 • 1920

Roll up, roll up! Billy Butlin pays just 30 shillings (£1.50) at Lock’s Yard, Bedminister for a hoop-la stall at a travelling fair. From these humble beginnings in a Somerset field, Billy’s career of delighting families began…

1936 • 1936

The first Butlins camp is opened to the public in Skegness and where once turnips grew, families begin to flock for seaside fun and frolics. Who could have guessed that the resort would go on to become one of Britain’s best-loved holiday resorts? A veritable national institution, no less!

1940 • 1940

It’s wartime, and with the help of his good friend General Bernhard Montgomery, Billy sets up leave centres for British troops returning home from the front. The camps provide entertainment, relaxation and general delight to some of our bravest servicemen and women. Holidays for heroes, you might say.

1962 • 1962

A certain Ringo Starr sets up his drum kit to play a season with his band at Butlins Skegness. During the same summer, two other Liverpudlian likely lads, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, happen to visit the resort. They meet Ringo and a few days later ask him to join their own pop combo. The rest, as they say, is rock’n’roll history.

1990s • 1990

Splash Waterworlds arrive at each of the Butlins resorts with waterslides, spas and wave pools… oh, and let’s not forget the ‘lazy rivers’, in which guests of all swimming abilities can partake of a brisk circuit around the pool. It’s leisurely and invigorating at the same time – how clever!

1999 • 1999

Is it a spaceship? Is it a circus tent? No, it’s a Skyline Pavilion, and this is the year these striking structures appear at all our resorts. Beneath their iconic white canopies are housed arcades, the ‘infunmation’ point, and a whole host of shops, restaurants, cafes and other attractions.  At the heart of it all is Centre Stage, where entertainment shows enthrall and delight whatever the weather.

2008 • 2008

Throughout his life, Billy Butlin worked tirelessly for good causes, with a modesty that belied his reputation as a showman. Continuing his legacy, Butlins’ announces Princess Royal Trust for Carers as their designated charity. In November a team of staff from Butlins Minehead complete a parachute jump for the charity, throwing themselves out of a plane at 100,000ft. Geronimo!

2012 • 2012

Making quite a splash, and bringing our story bang up to date, the ultra-modern Wave Hotel and Apartments opens its doors at Butlins Bognor Regis.  The under-the-sea themed hotel is kitted out with the latest gadgets and gizmos to entertain the whole family.

Butlins Poster from when Butlins First Opened

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In 1936, Billy founded the first Butlins resort in Skegness. Now join us on our journey over 75 years on…

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